How do I get someone to stop hijacking emails, accts? They rooted my phone laptop hotspot. The police have been notified.Cyber laws clue?

1 Answer

  • 3 years ago

    Change all your passwords. Do no use the same password for more than 1 account. Use strong passwords with lower case, upper case, numbers and at least one special character (if permitted.) Longer passwords are more secure than shorter ones. Use a password management program if you have trouble remembering all your passwords.

    Change your security questions and the answers to your security questions. Do not use "real" answers since the hacker could use those to gain control of your account if he knows your birthday where you went to school, your dog's name, etc. Instead just use random words or even random strings of characters. Again use a password manager to store the answers.

    If the site supports it, set up 2 factor authentication. This requires you to use your smartphone to log in. When you type in your username and password, a special code is sent to your phone. You'll need to also type in this code in order to access your account. This way, even if a hacker does get your password, he can't log in unless he also has your phone.

    Secure your wifi access points. Do not use the default wifi network name (SSID) and password. Change them. Turn off SSID broadcasting (this means your devices won't see your network - you'll have to manually type it in.) Finally, turn on MAC Address Access List. This will only allow specific devices to access your wifi. You'll have to add the devices to the list (the router's GUI makes this pretty easy) as well as any friends or family's devices when they come over or want to use your wifi.

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