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Friend help?

I was friends with this girl for almost 4 years. When we graduated and I went off to college I started to notice us drifting apart. She would only text me when she needed something, and it was very taxing on me. I know I wasn't perfect in it and I admitted where I was wrong when it came to talking and everything, but when I tried to talk to her she wouldn't take any responsibility for anything and she placed the blame all on me. So I cut her off, and we curryarent friends but she texted me saying that she missed me and idk what to do. I miss her and I miss having her friendship but I really don't want to go through this all again. How do I handle this?

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    You simply have to decide if you are willing to be in a friendship with a person who you enjoy but who will NEVER take any responsibility for anything that goes wrong. She isn't going to change. As long as nothing negative happens and you don't try to rehash old injuries, things will be fine. The minute something happens, she will blame you. If it is worth it to you, go for it. If you can't enter back into a friendship on those terms, then be honest with her and don't.

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    If you miss each other and want to get back together, you should agree to make the relationship about what comes next, not about fixing things in the past. The moment you start talking about problems in the past is the moment that you will start the old fight again. If one of you starts bringing up old arguments, the other one should say, "Come on, we agreed not to talk about that. Let's talk about something else."

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    oil and water for each other.....friends once, but not forever, move on, or regret it......

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    That is up to you. If you feel the relationship can be mended then why not start slowly with becoming friends again. If you feel she has not changed then I wouldn't.

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