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Our professor told us to think about this-It's not a sin to be born black?

But the crime is to act black.

We all got up and gave her a standing ovation. I just clapped because everyone else did. I don't get it///

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    I'm not sure I do either. The American blacks have worked hard to develop their own culture. It's hip-hop, and unfortunately males avoiding responsibility as parents. The latter part prevents them really blending in. I don't know if this is what he/she was referring to.

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    "acting Black" refers to behaviors from the inner city subculture -- absentee fathers, joblessness, drugs, crime, and intolerance toward people in other subcultures. [example of intolerance .. an educated, hard working, married Black man living with his wife and raising their kids to be successful (as he is) may be derogatorily referred to an an "Uncle Tom" -- despite that he doesn't behave like the character in the book.]

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  • Hello
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    3 years ago

    Looking at it from a sociological stand point, "it's not a sin to be born black" meaning that all people are equal and have the same opportunities as everyone else within that social culture.

    "The crime is to act black" meaning that individuals choose to 'act black' in regards to their choices in life. For example, wearing your pants pulled down around your @ss, doing drugs, joining gangs, committing crimes instead of choosing a more constructive road like getting an education, getting a job, taking on responsibilities like helping your family.

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Sounds like the professor does not understand what it means to be black.

    I have a friend from Ethiopia. He worked hard all his life and came to the US to make a better life for himself, and he succeeded amazingly well. He walked 5 miles a day as a child to go to school. He suffered through stifling poverty. He worked hard despite this and succeeded. There are MANY cases like this throughout history.

    Now if she think that is acting black, then clearly that is and has been rewarded by society.

    BUT, the following is not being black, it is being stupid.

    1.) Wearing your pants so low your underwear are showing

    2.) Not speaking proper English

    3.) Wearing grills (gold plates to go over your teeth)

    4.) Rapping about killing, selling drugs and pimping out women

    It should come as no surprise that these are not rewarded by society because they are stupid. Society does not generally reward stupid.

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  • Alan
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    3 years ago

    Think about this - It's not a sin to be born white either, the crime is to 'BREAK THE LAW'. The crime is not to 'act black', the crime is to 'BREAK THE LAW'. PERIOD!!!!!!!!

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    Perhaps he would have been better phrasing it, "It's not a sin to be born Black, but the crime is to act like a ghetto Black." Basically, I assume he means that Blacks who speak poor English (i.,e, ebonics), use drugs, don't have intact families, get in trouble with the law, and don't get an education are committing the "sin" of setting themselves up for failure in life.

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Another bullsh!t story.

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Powerful message.

  • ?
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    3 years ago

    Quit following the crowd, and you can dominate everybody.

  • 3 years ago

    It's ok to be white.

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