I'm going to be starting school (at 43 😑). I'm thinking of going into nursing. I'd particularly like to work in HIV/AIDS care....?

Any advice you care to give? And regrets you have about going into nursing? What is the job outlook like? What is the pay like? How stressful is it really?

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  • 3 years ago

    I'm not in the nursing field, but it's supposed to have a high burn-out rate. With that said, please do some job shadowing before taking pre-req classes for nursing or any field (with prior staff approval), such as in a physical rehabilitation hospital, pediatric hospital or clinic, and/or nursing home or long-term care facility. I'm just presuming that those interested in working with patients with HIV/AIDS may consider public health nursing. However, the nursing student will go for the "generalist" registered nurse (RN) before possibly specializing after having passed the NCLEX-RN test and getting more relevant experience.

    Just an fyi that it's generally recommended to consider getting one's BSN (bachelor of science in nursing) for becoming a RN as opposed to an ADN (associate degree in nursing) as a lot of hospitals either prefer or require RNs with a BSN.

  • 3 years ago

    I can only comment on UK nursing - my daughter was a mature student and just graduated with Masters Degree in Nursing and is a single mum of 2, the university training was very stressful as she attended classes and work placements and spent the rest of her time doing essays and research late into the evening and also working part time night shift as a senior carer in a nursing home which she has done for past 10 years but she did get good grades compared to the younger generation who seemed to leave everything to the last minute and didn't had in their essays etc. She got the offer of several nursing jobs when she graduated and loves the work and the good salary. Prior to university she done a full time refresh course at college because she has been away from education for a long time and it allowed her to see how education has changed since she left school, Good Luck

  • 3 years ago

    From people who I know who have worked in nursing homes they claim to hate it.

    They claim it is unsanitary and it smells terrible.

    Take that as you will, I really haven't got much to offer you.

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