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My daughter cursed at me...?

She was livid,I'm not kidding!! I'm getting kind of "use to" her outbursts,usually directed at her kids,she's had them for years. but cussing at her own mother!!?

Heres what happened..we were eating in the living room

me eating on a tv tray,and i accidentally spilled one spaghetti noodle ON THE TRAY. As soon as she saw it she had a cow!! Ok so it was her house,,,she's 35,I'm 62..

She had a healthy and happy childhood. This is so embarrassing but i need. to know what may be going on

with her

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    maybe she has some mental issues she needs to deal with

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    Can you afford a babysitter for the kids while you take your daughter to a long, leisurely lunch? She might need someone to listen to her out of the earshot of the kids.

    So my guess is that she's stressed out, trying to make everything perfect, and is feeling over her head without a clue and is beating herself up about it a lot all the time because she looks around and wonders how OTHER people have perfect lives and spotless homes and charming children. In other words, she's feeling very insecure. Living at the end of her rope. People can do that a long time but it's extremely stressful.

    I'm sorry she yells and cusses and screams at her kids regularly. She's overwrought and likely is a parent without good parenting skills. Insecure and defensive about it. It's possible she's not aware of the damage that parenting pattern inflicts upon her children. Or she's feeling so over her head that it's just another thing she feels she can't handle.

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    Try asking her what the big deal is. It’s cleanable, after all. Start keeping a discrete eye on her to make sure she isn’t abusing her kids.

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    I hope you jumped on her immediately for disrespecting you over one noodle on a tray. Sounds like she's depressed & snappy. Is everything OK between her and her husband? Might be worth a gentle motherly investigation in private with her. If you didn't stop the disrespect when it happened, you could bring up the subject that she upset you greatly at her outburst and it wasn't like her so you are worried that everything is OK with her. It's a gentle reprimand that she hurt your feelings and disrespected you plus you, being a loving mother, are worried about her welfare. She'll either tell you or she won't. If she doesn't or passes it off as everything is fine, I trust she apologises for her bad behaviour and you can then make the right noises that if there's anything worrying her she can always come to you privately.

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    but the question never asked and it at the root cause is, what is she eating.....what people eat can and will affect her personality.....and food you think is ok, is not......a CERTIFIED NUTRITIONIST I know told me of a story of a woman, whose elder father was very zombie like, so she inquired what was he eating......well when the customer followed ne nutritionists advice, within days her father acted no longer like a zombie, but more normal, and she was ecstatic over it.....forget seeing a doctor or a dietician, find a nutritionist, most likely at your local mom and pop health food store and bring your adult wishes..

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