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How can my identical twin sister and I switch places so well that we won't get caught?

My twin sister and I have never switched places because we always thought we would get caught. However since we have wanted to do this since we were little kids, we figured now is the time to do it. So how can we pull off a switch where we won't have to worry about getting caught? A little info about us is we are twenty one and we share an apartment. We will be hanging out with a group of friends this weekend so we figured it would be a good time to try this. Like I said only problem is we have never done this. Can we please get some tips?

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    Dress the same and get the same hairstyle, and also tell eachother what to expect from their friends so they don't get lost in the conversation.

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    just tell people youre your sister and have her do the same, chances are your friends are probably confused already, im an identical twin myself but we've never done that

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    Just do it, aint nobody gonna know anything about it

  • You'll find that the world divides into two sets of people. There are those who can tell you apart and will be able to tell if you swap roles. There are those who can't tell you apart and treat you as some kind of joint existence - and they won't care if you swap roles.

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