How do you protect yourself from seduction and infactuation?

When someone else copies your mannerisms; you think you are them causing infactuation. Or they could be doing this to try to change you, which really is an insult. They should set the example so you can go by that to change your faults. Hopefully the person set the example is a Christian.

With physical attraction added to this you can get seduced. Then you get seduced and not love the way God intended. She needs to have a mind of her own or will not work, but it is ok if she has memories of others. Stay away from pornography because this will cause lust of the person. When looking at pornography you put the persons personality and body in the video and you pretend they are them. This is dangerous and causes lust and you will not care for the other person as a human being.


They also say things to make you lustful. if they say anything to convince you of sex when you are being innocent they are bad. They flatter you and cheer you up for their own deceptive gain. Not all people are not deceptive and they actually care about you without being sexual immoral.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Ask if they want to suck ur snatch! Then tell them to f#^* off..........

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