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Just curious question.?

I gave my friend a ride and she was recently dealing with a bed bug problem but she managed to get it some way under control. I didn t have bags, just my self, my kids diapre bag and their carseats... when i got home i stripped my kids out side and put all our clothes in a plastic bag going to wash them, then i sprayed my seats with lysol and a fabric spray and vacuum... can i get bed bugs from my vehicle?

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    The stuff you sprayed in your car was worthless when it comes to bedbugs. If you are in a place that is hot in the summer, park it in the sun and roll up the windows. It doesn't take much for the inside of the car to get hot enough to cook any bedbugs that may have taken a ride. you might put the clothes in there, too, and whatever else you had that you cannot wash off like tubes of diaper cream. Heat kills them. It only take ONE bedbugtoinfest your house- they all seem to walk around pregnant.

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    I'd have the car done professionally but thats just me

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    Sounds to me like you shouldn't sleep with your friend!

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    The usual treatment for bed bugs is to heat the area to 117F or more for 8 hours. Professional bed bug exterminators would have the equipment for it.

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    I literally recently found two dead flees in my car because the last owner had dogs I spoze that's similar but yeah get some flee spray and unload a can into your car before you lock it overnight

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    if you want to

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    No that's highly unlikely. Bed bugs like places that don't move.. like on clothing you're wearing. Unless she had infected clothes in a bag with her and then took the clothes out of the bag and shook them out in your car, you can feel pretty safe that you did not get any.

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