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Is she trying to manipulate me?

This girl in my class helped out this guy I talk to in class and was talking loudly while rolling her shirt showing her belly ring fidgeting with her shirt. She then giggled at my joke I ignore but then one day she started laughing hysterically and asked me to repeat it to her. Then waits after class giggled and scared me. Well then she'd occasionally laugh loudly at my jokes and respond to stuff I say or have me repeat stuff to her. I got a haircut and my body changed a bit. Well then she started doing different things. She'd start intensely finding any way to start a conversation with me, respond to stuff I say, have me repeat things or ask questions. Her face got red while talking and looked down. Well she started finding any way to compliment me. Want selfies with me take it so she can send it to me the tell me the next day she likes it. She liked a picture with my dad tagged in it so it notified him then tells me she likes it. She wants a pic with me the one day she wears something that shows cleavage when I'm minding my business. Finds info about me and tells people stuff I do. She's vague about herself. Makes herself out to be an angel. Tells me she doesn't do drugs when I know she drinks, smokes. Asked me where I live already has a clue mentioned something in my yard only her parents would know. Well lastly she stares deeply into my eyes when we talk with a smile in complete silence and when i look away she's still staring.

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    Sounds like she likes you a lot, but realizes you're so insecure she has to be really obvious about it. If you like her, ask if she'd like to go for a walk. Get to know her. You'll figure her out after awhile.

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    Jailbait love

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    Sounds like she's got one hell of a crush on you,almost into stalker mode,I hope you don't have a bunny.

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