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Should I be recognized as the second (third?) coming of Christ? Or Muhammad ? I predicted 2016 election?

I predicted it from the beginning that Trump would win, despite everyone calling me crazy. (He was way down in the polls).


What would you say if I told you I predicted the Trump presidency from the beginning? Everyone called me crazy?


From the 2nd one, here's what I wrote before the election, when everyone had Trump written off:

"You look at the polls – he will likely win Florida, if you know anything about Florida. Ohio is already locked up. Colorado is virtually tied at the moment. Pennsylvania is within the margin of error. New Hampshire virtually tied. I think Trump will win North Carolina.

It is looking more and more like the end. And like I said, maybe i have preference towards pessimism or I'm just the only realistic one, but I would put significant money on him winning. Even the polls are probably skewed towards Hillary; the motivation factor for Trump is much more than for Clinton. Independents, people who have never voted before, people who lie to pollsters: these are not even counted in the polls."

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    Hey Sijo.

    Glad to see an intelligent user in this forum for once! We're a minority in the Troll King-dumb known as Y!A Politics.

    Your posts were from July, just after the convention. Of course your analysis is more in-depth than the con's. They always FELT like Trump was going to win. I was on the edge of my seat in October, thinking "uh oh. Trump has a real chance of winning" Of course, not that Hillary would have been any better. That much, is history now.

    Paying attention to the passionate and energetic crowds of Trump rallies vs the low-key, tame fundraising rallies Hillary had, in hindsight that's what bothered me and I could tell Trump was winning despite the polls suggesting it was all Hillary.

    You may not know too much about my views, but I have voted for Republicans and Democrats alike over the years. While an Independent by affiliation, I have Libertarian-Centrist views and am split between parties to choose from.

    So, I hope to be impartial or fair.

    I don't know much about Florida as a lifelong Coloradan, but I think Trump could win Colorado next election. Trump recently endorsed Senators Gardner & Warren's STATES bill for legalized Marijuana. That also may win him Nevada too. Assuming he holds onto the 31 states on his side in 2016, they could take 35+ if everything turns out for the better in the coming year or two.


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    No, but Ann Coulter is, she predicted Trump 3 years ago.

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