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Will The St. Louis Cardinals Reached The 10,000-Win Milestone This 2018?

The 10,000-Win Plateau As A National League Team Since The Cardinals Joined The NL In 1892 And Yes Every MLB Team (Maybe The Oldest) Have 10,000 Wins WOAH BABY!

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    The Cardinals franchise went over the 10,000 win mark sometime during the 2009 season. They began in 1882, If you want to count ONLY wins since the NL was formed in 1892, they entered this season needing 40 wins to reach 10,000. They are 4 wins away as of their last game played on 6-13-2018.

    Every MLB franchise has 10k wins? Not even close. Just eight franchises have done it, and seven of them are from the older national League. The Yankees - of course - are the only AL team to do it.

    The next to do it will either be the Phillies (9,664) or the Red Sox (9,446).

    The Giants are the only member of the 11,000 win club. The Dodgers, Cubs or Cardinals all could be the next, sometime during the 2020 season.

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