Hey guys so I have a question about washing my recently done first tattoo?

Ok so it's been about 4 days now tommorow (Thursday) will be the 5th day since I got my tattoo I put some colors in it along with the usual black ink and I have been washing it every morning and night with the soap I bought at the shop also after I put the soap on rinse and dry with a paper towel I put the lotion I bought at the shop too but when I gently run the lotion oround the tattoo some skin on the tattoo seems to be falling off it also falls off a little when I touch it to dry with the paper towel too. I want it to heal perfectly so is this normal or am I doing it wrong?

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  • Laura
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    3 years ago
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    Its normal, its started peeling.

    If you can, let it air dry. Use the lotion you got at the shop to keep the skin moist. Because you have little bits of skin peeling, you may need more lotion on it, so keep an eye on it.

  • 3 years ago

    Wash it normal way ...

  • You're not doing any thing wrong. It's normal for your tattoo to have some pealing / flaking as it heals. Just don't pick at them, let them come off on their own. Also apply a light layer of unscented not dyed lotion or tattoo ointment to it at least twice a day.

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