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Why is dating have to be so much harder if you're not a white guy in the U.S., is it because some women are very racist?

I'm not trying to sound racist or stereotyping but there was a dating coach that did a test on a dating site and majority of the women didn't like black men or asian men, they liked white men first, mixed race men that look white, latin men that look white and some women did like black men for sexual reasons only. Asian women were the only ones that didn't discriminate based on race, however, they like white men more than asian men for some reason.


@Anonymous, but some of my friends think I should just stick to my race though, I'm not a white guy and I have no chance.

Update 2:

Leafsfan29-Embrace the drought!, unfortunately, most dating sites are like what I mentioned. Women seemed to discriminate a lot more than men do. By the way, site was OKCupid.

Update 3:

@Anonymous, I'm not a chick, I have a penis. Also, the preference is apparently for most American are white males. Look at the movie industries as well. Majority of the heroes are white men.

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    yes all are racist.

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    It's because most people prefer to be with someone of their own race. I am not attracted to non white women and never will be no matter how nice or good looking they are. You have little to no chance of having any relationship with a white female. I have never dated outside my race to spite being offered several chances to date someone who was not white. I have always said that I am not attracted to you because you are not white ,and I do not care if non white people feel it is racist to not want to date outside of your race.

    Source(s): White male who has never been attracted to non white women ,and has always turned down non white women in favor of my white females.
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    That's called preference honey. Stop being a c*nt

  • Different dating sites attract different dating populations. Your "dating coach" is trying to substantiate his/her existence and whatever compensation they're getting. There are dating sites that specifically target people of colour or different faiths, interests, etc.. Without knowing basic statistical background (sample size, test conditions, geographical area(s) tested, and a few dozen other components) it's impossible to lend any legitimate credibility.

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    there is no proof of any dating coach or any experiment, but everyone sees white girls fck interracially the most and leaving their men the most, can't even deny it because its all there for everyone to see.

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    Test on a dating site?

    Oh please. Stop believing crap on the internet and go live your own life.

    Find a place to volunteer so you can show others how you can shine, and get to know others by working alongside them. You'll be fine. Dating is hard for everyone, unless they're just using people.

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    3 years ago

    The USA won and then some - would have been a different world.

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