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As you grew up ( starting from ow ) What was the best part of your past?



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    Growing up, the best part of my past, was going to Sam & Emily's Candy store.....with a Whole quarter to spend.

    In those days, with a Whole god.......your choices were endless.

    and there was nothing as sublime, as sitting on the swiveling stools, and ordering a Chocolate Egg Cream, and for the extra 2 cents........ya got a pretzel rod , to go with it.

    If you had the Egg Cream, **and** the pretzel were the KING of your domain!

    Ow, was my two *older* brothers, putting me in a wagon and pushing me down a steep hill, and being so kind and generous to allow me to go first. No brakes.......not much steering at that speed........and the "fun" ended with me careening into a tree, and gashing my head open.

    Several stitches later.........I still , to this day, have the scar over my right eye.

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    Taking my daughter to the Shore.

    Ow would be having knots in my then long hair

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