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How do you deal with passive agressive coworkers?

One of my coworkers is probably the honest definition of "fake" if you were to look it up in a dictionary. She'll act sweet to my face, but the first moment she gets, she'll always try and sell me out for something. If someone finds something that's been done wrong or hasn't been done, something's gone missing, etc. she'll always try and pin it on me first before she goes for anyone else. I don't know why she dislikes me so much! I'm quite shy and have a hard time standing up for myself so I don't know if she thinks that I'm just someone easy to pick on? I remember one time a few months ago one of my other coworkers (who no longer works there) mentioned to me that passive-aggressive-girl told her that she was trying to earn a good reputation at work by throwing others under the bus to make her look smart. I was kind of appalled, but not necessarily surprised.

Also, this girl will constantly, constantly ask me to pick up shifts for her. It seems like at least once a week I'm getting a text from her asking me to cover her shift, often the day before or even the day OF the shift she wants covered. I usually say no, not only because I don't want to give in, but also because I'm a super busy college student and I have little to no time to pick up shifts other than my own. If I say no, she'll get quite passive-aggressive with me. She makes me feel like a horribly person every time I refuse to pick up another one of her shifts. Help?! How do I shrug off her behavior towards me?

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    I think your work friend has it right, she’s trying to cause trouble at work and get herself in good graces by trashing others which could end in her being fired if she’s not careful. It’s possible she views you as the biggest threat to her position or potential promotion. You should report this to your manager and say she’s making you stressed and making the environment hostile for other people too and your manager might speak to her. I would also ignore her point blank at all times and if she ever starts being nice- don’t trust her.

  • Avoid her

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    Just ignore her, if you're just a college student you aren't likely to stay there for very long anyway

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    By dong your job, rather than wasting your time on petty scheming.

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    There are two ways you can go about this and I will list lay both of them out for you and you can decide which route you want to take.

    A. Beat her at her own game

    You could give her a taste of her own medicine. Lower yourself to her level, and sell her out for any mistakes that have been made at the workplace as well as asking her for unreasonable favors which you can then down talk her after she refuses them. You could also throw in a little fake sweet act here and there.


    B. Who is this ant?

    Obviously her behavior is of a lowly class. Similar to that of an ant or a toddler. Let me ask you if a 5 year old came up to you and said all these rude and mean things to you how would you react? Would you get upset? Probably because you cannot control your emotions. E.g if someone came up and punched your mum in the face on the streets of course you will get upset. But after you will come to realize that its only a toddler and that its opinions and such mean close to nothing.

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