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in competition karate, are you allowed feigns?

ie to pretend to punch/kick so the opponent goes to block the pretend strike which leaves him open to another strike of yours you have ready for him?

and what about simply distraction stuff like waving your hand out to the side in the hopes he will look at it and while he is temp distracted and looking away with perhaps a lowered guard you strike?

and whilst I'm at it, are the above two "tactics" a good idea for a real-life self-defence scenario?


waving my hand isn't the best example but you know what I mean

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    Yes you are allowed to use fakes and feints and I have talked about their use before in this forum. However fakes and feints have to be used properly programing your opponent becomes an important part in all this. If you have not thrown the real thing first then faking it or use it as a feint really might not work so well. Your opponent is less apt to react to it or might not commit to reacting to it enough for you to be effective with using a fake or feint first before using the real thing. As for distracting your opponent I have talked about that in this forum before and using that as well. I would sometimes ask my opponent if he thought it was going to rain today outside for instance. A well trained and experienced fighter will not be distracted though nor will fakes and feints work as easily on so you also have to have some kind of ability also in so far as fighting goes.

    If you do a search on my answers using "fakes" or "feints" you will find several answers on this and how to better use them and include the differences between the two which will increase your understanding about them and maybe increase your ability some to use them. You will also find an answer or two about developing your ability to use them and why they sometimes are not a good choice to rely on or why they sometimes might not work for you when fighting.

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    Of course feints are allowed. Most of the scored points actually start with some kind of feint, and it's the same in many other fighting sports. If your opponent knows in advance what you're about to do, he will almost certainly avoid it, or even counter it. You need to surprise your opponent to create an opportunity. Then realising this opportunity is the easy part... as long as you really confused your opponent as much as you thought and that you're not falling in a trap of him neither.

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    Of course you can. But if you open yourself up to do it it's a bad idea. Waving your hand will open you up and so it is a bad idea in sparring and self defense. But bringing up your knee quickly for a kick and then delaying the kick a split second or doing the kicking motion slower than the motion of lifting the knee can confuse an opponent and cause him to either try and block and miss or step out of the way but allows enough time for you to adjust to the new opening. These things are not new and work really well if you get your opponent into a rhythm and then you can break that rhythm and catch your opponent off guard. These things take a little practice though.

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    Obviously yes

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    Why wouldn't you be allowed to employ feints? As to how effective they would be, if you go against someone fairly inexperienced, they can be quite effective, but I'd say it's a sliding scale the more seasoned your opponent is. As far as "distractions" such as waving your hands around, that seems like a juvenile tactic and it would be difficult to take you seriously after that.

    EDIT: I don't even know what sort of distractions you could employ in a supervised match. Seems like a moot point.

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    Feints, not feigns. Just FYI.

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