Can you help me with English plz?

I bought the MuscleTech supplement.

I know MuscleTech is a brand, but what does "tech" mean in this case?


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  • 3 years ago
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    It doesn't mean anything in THIS case, they're using it to make the product name more attractive so that they can sell more supplement.

  • 3 years ago


    This is brand name. They added the suffix -tech purely as a sales tactic, to give the impression that this pseudo-steroid is scientific, rather than just being caffeine mixed with monkey penis.

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Fancy name for a dietary supplement that is supposed to impress you by sounding all scientific and technical. Muscle technology - oh look - we have superior, scientifically researched and developed food here. Buy it from us because it sounds professional and impressive. Market ploy to make the stuff sound better. It's all "technical" and special.

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