Why do old wrinkled white ladies keep calling big noses flaws?

In the art history class theres a white old lady teacher with a tiny nose and she repeatedly points out "bulbous/big/prominent" noses of the portraits. All of them are not even big in my opinion. They look normal. But theres a short old white lady in the class who also has blurted out "he has a big nose" loudly and laughed at one painting. Again the nose was not even that big. My nose is not tiny and could be called big (I like it and to me it's normal not big). Theres a girl in my claas with a prominent nose as well. How do these old wrinkled white ladies think me and other prominent nosed people feel when they repeatedly point out peoples noses and say it's a flaw. It is so elementary school. The teacher isnt even trying to present this judgemental shalliw opinion as being historic (which I don't think is even an excuse to call peoples God given facial and body features as flaws.)

If it was a handicapped person missing a leg in the painting would they yell out "hes missing a leg!" and laugh loudly? How incredibly juvenile and rude...especially for old women of their ages. They should know better. People could easily start laughung at the old people in the paintings the teacher shows us. But that would be cruel and nasty.

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