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fear of planes/heights?

Hello, Yahoo Answers. Today I stop by to seek information for if are there any techniques or ways to help with my phobia of being on a plane. I’ve never been on one before and that’s typically how my fears/anxieties of something works. Usually once I do it and it’s done and over with it isn’t all that bad as my mind predicted it out to be.

So what I need to know is what are some ways to calm my nerves before going on an upcoming flight I have planned? What are somethings I need to know considering when it comes to planes I have a lack of knowledge which might be one of the reasons why I’m terrified of boarding one.

The parts that I think seem to scare me the most is take off, having that stomach drop heart drop feeling. Being stuck up in the air and not being able to leave. And maybe a little bit of knowing little to nothing about planes.

If you can help me out by telling me methods on how to calm myself down before boarding one, whether it be medication, techniques or really anything PLEASE let me. If you have articles or videos to teach me about planes and other ways to get over this fear I will be more than grateful for.

Basically anything helps. Thank you.

p.s. i’m not 21 so i can’t drink

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    I have a fear of heights, but once up there in an aircraft, looking out of the window doesn't worry me AT ALL. I find it fascinating, especially when flying over land. This fear, of flying, isn't to be mocked. It's very real for some people. But there are courses you can take to help overcome this. I think you can probably locate something like that, if you google. I LOVE the take off - the power of the aircraft and the 'need for speed' LOL. It's the coming down I'm not keen on but if flying is a means to an end, getting there asap, then I don't mind. And it's generally far safer than crossing the road!!

    This is obviously, in the UK.

    Add - NO DRINKING and NO MEDICATION either!

    Source(s): Flown across the Atlantic both ways, lots of time, and more local flights too.
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    Your fear of flying is irrational. You need to fear driving to the airport or really just driving in general.

    Do you know how many deaths occurred from commercial aviation within the US last year? ZERO!

    Do you know how many deaths occurred from vehicles?

    40,000 deaths. FORTY THOUSAND!

    So, seriously, you really need to reevaluate your "fears"

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    I am actually afraid of heights yet whenever I can, I choose a window seat. When you are 35,000 feet in the air, it doesn't feel that way. To me, looking out the window is actually really enjoyable because you can see the land you are flying over. It is an angle you don't get to experience that often because you are on the ground so much.

    To calm yourself, I suggest you bring some calm music to listen to. Pray, read a book or play a video game to take your mind off of the fact that you are on an aircraft. You can also talk to a flight attendant. Tell them you are a nervous passenger. They will give you some tips to help you overcome any fears.

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    When you are up in a plane, you <<do not>> know that you are up high. There is no sensation of height.

    Even if you have a window seat, everything is so different that there is still no sense of being up high.

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    Millennials. Gotta love em....

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