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Why didn't my mom tell me about this?

I was visiting my cousins (my mom’s sister’s children). They were showing the family picture album. It has pictures of my mom when she was young and was she ever beautiful. WOW. I told my aunt that I had never seen those pictures and I thought my mom in those pictures was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. My aunt said “If you think she was beautiful then, let me show you some of national magazines she modeled for”.

Moms pictures in those magazines just blew me away. I had not idea mom had ever been a model. She had never told me about that? I ask my aunt if she could make me a copy of mom’s pictures so I could put them on the wall in my room and she agreed to do so.

Do you think my mom would have a problem with her daughter putting her mom’s pictures on my room at home as I am so proud of her?

Can anyone think of a reason mom never told her daughter she was a model and had appeared in national magazines?

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    It's impossible to say but your mom maybe decided to give up modeling to get married and have a family. The thought of telling you never crossed her mind.

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    Maybe it was a bad experience for her and she doesn't want to be reminded of it/remember it. Maybe a photographer took liberties, or maybe she doesn't like what they represent (commercialism, objectification). Maybe she doesn't want that example for you, or for you to think that is admirable. I would say that it could be weird to have them on your wall, all of the sudden, if she has a reason that she didn't tell you.

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    my mom was a pole stripper

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    Maybe her experience in modeling was not as wonderful as you would imagine.

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    She may be afraid that you will have a skewered image of her had you known. Instead of knowing her as your mom, as a person, as a person with likes, dislikes, ideas and thoughts, you would do, well, just as you have done, which is put her picture on the wall and see her as a pretty face in a magazine and not "Just plain mom". Already your perception of her is changed --- you are seeing her as a pretty face, as a model, and are subtly already "lumping" her with the rest of the world of models and modeling, with all the attached presuppositions about their lives, how they live, and the trappings of fame. It might be a though to put up recent pictures of her being your mom, and work to think, look, notice, and compliment her when she comes up with a creative solution to a problem, when she "saves the day" by rescuing you from a problem by helping out, when she has the right answer to your endless desperate questions, and when she is just plain being a good mom to you. Then she might realize you have not changed just because you saw her as being "pretty".

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    I'd guess that your mother isn't a boastful, conceited person and understands that beauty isn't such an important thing.

    She didn't want you growing up with the idea that you're somehow a better person if you're beautiful.

    To say that you're proud of her just because of her being a model doesn't make sense.

    Were you not proud of her already?

    Be proud of her for the person she is - how good and kind she is, what she's done for you and your family - not just for the fact that she was lucky enough to have a beautiful face and body.

    It wouldn't be a good idea to put lots of those photos on your wall - but I think that one, in a frame would be okay.

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    Maybe she did nude modeling and doesn’t want you to find out.

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    she isn't really your mom

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