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Why do some programs require you to turn off your anti-virus program in order for them to be installed ?

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  • Andy T
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    1 year ago

    While that "full of virus" comment was made in jest, there's some truth in that, for some programs installation may need to be invasive, and will be blocked by anti-virus program. In effect, the installation is acting like a virus even though it is far from being intended as one. Some AV is stricter than the other, instead of naming names they just instruct you to turn it off.

    Just like a gun, it can be used as a weapon or security device by a soldier or police, or being used by a murderer and a psycho. How would you know which is it going to be in advance?

  • 2 years ago

    it conflict the installing process.

  • 2 years ago

    Basically it may interfere with the software being downloaded

  • John
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    2 years ago

    Various reasons but mostly because installing a program often requires low level manipulation within the OS and registry. The sort of thing that malware wants to do, too.Antivirus software lets you save to your documents folder, it will get bugged if something wants to write to system32.

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  • 2 years ago

    some anitvirus programs stop everything from being downloaded, even if you want it.

  • 2 years ago

    probably because it s chock full of viruses

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