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Hi, I'm a Democrat politician. Why should I do anything for the people when I own your vote already because Republicans exist?

I see no reason not to take millions in corporate money and do the bidding of Wall Street instead of the American people.

Democrats never criticize their politicians. They criticize the voters. They don't admit Hillary lost because she was a corporate warmonger, but instead insist there's a problem with the voters themselves.

When Democrats lose, there's something wrong with the voters, not with the politicians. We're perfect!

You OWE us your vote! Because remember, if you don't vote, then you are basically voting for Republicans.

Don't vote for what you believe in, because if you vote for anything but us, there's something wrong with you and you must be secretly a Trump supporter or a Russian puppet.

You owe me your vote. I owe you nothing.

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  • 不不不不不不 Hillary lost because of the flawed electoral college system. More people voted for her. But, hey, if you believe your best interest lies in voting regressive, good luck with that.

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    This rant just proves that you are a Republican and don't actually know what Democratic politicians or voters talk about or care about.

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