Do I have a good chance at winning if I sue my apartment complex?

I signed a lease at an apartment complex last year around April. And so far its been hell. From crazy annoying roommates to just bad management from the apartment complex.

The things I want to sue for are...

- When I moved into my apartment, it was a mess. The furniture was all jumbled up in the middle of the living room sitting on top of each other. I still have pictures to prove this with the date I took them. (i.e. the day I moved in.) Its a place of four, and someone was still living in here. But she was in another country all summer. So it couldn't have been her.

There were brown and other colored stains all over the walls and everything was just a mess. Cement on my tub floor. And other things I can't remember right now. I did notified the office and they only rearranged my furniture by the next day. And took a few days and all of complaining to get the cement off the tub floor. I left the stains on the wall and other things alone because I thought to myself, "What else could be worse? I'm only going to be here for a year. I can deal."

- Two - Four Weeks into living in this apartment, maintenance come into the apartment to check for leak. (Apparently, they had a massive leak in the summer that ruined the flooring and carpeting of multiple floors. They didn't tell us this btw, I know this through a friend who was living there before my lease began.) They cut out a large boxed whole in my wall. And then just taped it up with a trash bag. Never came back to fix it.

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  • R P
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    3 years ago

    Yoy didn't suffer any monetary damage. So, yes you can sue, but the odds of you winning anything are astronomical.

  • 3 years ago

    In April of last year, you signed a lease for an apartment. There was items in the middle of the room. Yet you accepted the rental unit.

    Why would you accept this apartment in the condition it was in. You should not have accepted the apartment until it was clean of all debris and acceptable to you.

    By you accepting the apartment in the condition you found it, you now have no legal remedy to sue the property manager or landlord.

    Why a year plus a few months have you decided that you would want to take legal action against your property manager or landlord at this time?

    Of course you are able to sue anyone you so desire. Your chances of winning in court, from this layman's point of view, is you have little or no chance of being successful.

    You might want to contact the local landlord tenant agency to see if you have any recourse in this matter. Most of the information and advice given to you by this agency would not be of any cost to you. You would need to google for this agency followed by the city and state in which you reside.

    You might also consider contacting the local legal aide society. This group of attorneys normally would offer legal advice, based on your ability to pay. In some instances you might not be required to pay for legal fees. Again this is based on your ability to pay.

    I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.

    "FIGHT ON"

  • 3 years ago

    You didnt even have property damage from what you are saying, they were just mildly negligent with upkeep. Thats not unheard of and I would not say that this is worth suing. Though I am no expert.

  • 3 years ago

    You are asking for legal advice. Only a licensed lawyer can tell you that. For what it's worth, here is my 2 cents. It was acceptable to you about 14 months ago. You moved in. Now, all of a sudden, you have decided that you want to sue. Stained walls, a hunk of cement stuck in the tub - the price reflects what it is. If you choose to live in a dump, what you pay reflects it. Nobody forced you to move in there. If you wanted something nicer, you expect to pay more and you look at nicer units. About the leak, why should they tell you "their" business? Tenants are never privy to a landlord's business. You are renting a unit from them, not employed by them and certainly not of the board of directors. In summary, you have to have something to sue for. You haven't identified anything.

    Source(s): Certified Paralegal, with 25+ years' experience & with Landlord & Tenant law experience.
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  • 3 years ago

    You have no case here.

  • 3 years ago

    What do you expect to win if you win? Your rent money back? No chance. You lived there. There were legal remedies you could have taken to force the landlord to make timely repairs - and you even admit they made some. If you didn't take those legal remedies at the time they were first available to you, you can take them now, but you get no retroactive relief.

    What, exactly, those legal remedies are will be spelled out in your state/local landlord-tenant law, which can vary tremendously from place to place.

  • 3 years ago

    Suing for a pile of furniture isn't going to work. You have so show some losses you suffered. You asked, they fixed it. So you really suffered no loss because you didn't even do it yourself. They fixed the cement in the tub. You chose not to request repairs on the walls. They ad no obligation to tell you about a leak that happened previously, prior to you moving in. Did you ASK them to come back and fix it? If you did and they didn't, that is the ONLY thing you list that is an issue, and frankly, they'd just fix it prior to any court date and problem solved. You have nothing here, TBH.

  • Maxi
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    3 years ago

    If you want to waste time and money, sure sue, be prepared to lose and have to pay all their legal costs

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Slim to none !

    Just move out when your lease is up.

  • 3 years ago

    Did you do a walk-through or inventory when you moved in?

    Did you raise any issues with the property with the landlord IN WRITING?

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