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Is this potentially progressing to something more?

Kinda long post sorry.

so a little background; I have a friend I met in college, we were part of a friends group. Turned out he lived really close by me (hometown wise) He ended up transfering out after a couple semesters and we kinda lost touch.

We haven't talked much over the last few years minus a few fb posts/comments here and there. I made a "happy birthday" post on fb along with an old inside joke from our friends group, a few days later he messaged me (first time we've actually chatted in a few years) we were chatting and ended up talking about D&D and I commented about never having played it, so he invited me to join his campaign he hosts. So he's been teaching me how to play basically we've hung out in his friends group and just us a couple times.

I messaged him the other day asking where to get my own set of dice, and he sugested "making an adventure out of it" So we endup driving to this nerd store 20 min away, blah blah got the dice then I asked if he wanted to stop for pizza just because it was like 6:30 and I was hungry. At first he said no bc he didn't want to spend more money (I get it i'm broke AF too lol) so we start heading back, little while later he coments he remembers his parents gave him some cash so he doesn't feel bad about spending more money.

Cool so we stop at a pizza place and he kinda guiltily mumbles about not being sure he can afford BOTH of us. Which kinda surprised me because I didn't even almost expect him to.


After we just hung out and watched anime, but nothing else happened really. He didn't act in any sort of flirtly way or anything, but the whole talking again out of nowhere and going out of his way to go shopping with me kinda stands out so idk what to think,

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    You could ask him. Maybe he was just being polite.

    Eta: Stop thinking about it. If he wants to ask you out, he will. Until then you're worrying over nothing.

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