Need relationship advice! Please?

My fiance broke up a week ago with me because we got in a fight about me not wanting to go on a trip with him. Its fathers day weekend and I didn't feel comfortable leaving my dad. So then he told me I was uninvited and then he broke up with me...then we got back together and he begged me to go with him. But i didn't feel comfortable and told him he should use it to think and that he needs space apart from he. He got angry and said he didnt need it and that he wanted me to go so badly. Then he sends me texts saying he is super unhappy with me and that he doesn't know if he wants this anymore.


Is his anger justified. I had said I was going, but then changed my mind.

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  • Doug H
    Lv 6
    3 years ago

    He may have the right to be angry but that doesn't mean he has to be angry, ideally you'd want him to be understanding but with that being said he would want you to be understanding as well. Both sides have good arguments but ideally I would think that you both could come to a compromise, like celebrate Fathers Day a few days early and then go on the trip with him. No one says you have to celebrate on the actual day, right? The main thing is that you honor your Father, thats what it is all about. With that being said, I wonder if you both are ready for marriage because there will be a lot more tougher decisions to be made as a unit going forward. Perhaps you both should continue to date for about 12 months and make sure you both are in sync with each other because marriage is that important, marriage is suppose to be for life, better or worse, honoring each other, putting the other persons needs before your own...It doesn't sound like either of you are ready for a commitment like that. Divorce should never be a thought and seeing as how something as simple as a trip is sending you both in opposite directions that is not a good sign for a long term marriage.

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