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Can rabies transfer through an animal biting an animal with rabies then biting another animal less than a minute later?

Such as Dog bites raccoon with rabies then bites another dog less than a minute later.


I meant can the virus transfer from the Raccoon through the dogs mouth into another animal.

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    No, the rabies virus is not in the saliva of a rabid animal until the virus has infected the brain of the animal and caused behavioral chances.

    Rabies is also not transmitted through blood. So dog biting a rabid raccoon would be unlikely to infected with rabies if the raccoon never bit the dog. If the raccoon bit the dog the dog might develop rabies later if the dog hasn't been vaccinated, but the dog would not be infectious until the disease is fully developed.

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    There is a small risk, but you have to understand it takes some element of time for the virus to propagate through the system.

    Once the brain is effected, this causes the symptomatic effects of rabies and that can be passed with a bite or body fluids in contact with vital places.

    This delay is what gives animals a chance to overcome the virus with post exposure shots, After 72 hours, there is little chance of survival. Inside of 48 hours, survival chances are very good.

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    Yes, it is possible. Rabies virus is in the body fluid of the rabid animal. That fluid can be transmitted from one animal to another via a third one which bites one and then the other.

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    yes such animal just like that

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    not that fast

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    No, the virus has to be IN the newly bitten animal and replicate in the system enough to then pass by biting. It can't happen instantly, it takes at least a day.

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    NO, not unless the dog bit the raccoon in the mouth. I think they would probably err on the conservative side and assume they both were rabid if it was a question of getting shots.

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