Are deployments guaranteed when enlisting in the National Guard?

I enlisted in the Army National Guard as a 31B

I'm in a senior military college (Texas A&M ) and a cadet

Getting contracted in SMP when I get back so i won't get any deployments until after I become an officer

but I was wondering does everyone get a chance to deploy? is there people that dont deploy during their Enlisted 6 year contract

I have a friend who's on his 3rd year in the Air Force and has not been called for a deployment He is In logistics

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  • Mark B
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    3 years ago
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    Deployments are not guaranteed.

    Deployments for the National Guard are drying up. They are now few and far between. My answer to someone enlisting is that it is unlikely they will be deployed during their initial enlistment in the Guard. You are non-deployable, so that doesn't matter. After commissioning, you will have a few months to complete your BOLC before you would be eligible to deploy as an officer. We've gone through a long period of frequent deployments and are on the backside of that with far fewer deployments. It'll probably be 10 years or more before something happens to increase deployments.

    Even if you "deploy", it could easily be a rotation in Kuwait where active duty is starting to run it as a PCS assignment.

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    If you enlist, you WILL NOT become an officer.

    I you think Texas A&M is a military college, you won't even make it through basic training.

    If ANY of this is news to you, you ARE NOT a cadet.

  • Daniel
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    3 years ago

    No, not everyone gets a chance to deploy.

    I was in the Air Force for 9 years before my first deployment, and then deployed 4 times in the next 7 years.

    We don't have 100,000 people in Iraq anymore. Right now, we don't have the opstempo where nearly every unit deploys every time their deployment window comes around.

    Timing is key. If you don't get tagged to deploy in your vulnerability window, then it could be a couple of years before you are vulnerable again (even longer in the reserve components). If you PCS into a unit right after they deployed (or were eligible to deploy), you might not have an opportunity to deploy before you PCS again.

    There are also jobs that have a low probability of deploying because either their home station mission is too important to cut people loose to deploy, or the skill set isn't needed. The Air Force nuclear enterprise is an example of both. There isn't much use for an ICBM maintenance troop or missileer in Afghanistan. The Air Force also decided that security forces at the missile field were 'deployed in place' and that the rest of the cops in the AF would handle deployments.

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    where you think your gonna deploy to ?

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