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My boyfriend doesn’t want me anymore , I feel hopeless?

My boyfriend of almost one year dumped me two weeks ago, [ 19 , 20 this Saturday ] and I’m [ 18 ]. We’re both each other’s first love and I lost my virginity to him. Are relationship has been on and off, I’m diagnosed with major depressive disorder. He’s about to turn 20 and wants to be alone, he’s said he doesn’t want any friends or anybody in his life but I think he just means me. He won’t tell me why we broke up, I confessed my love to him many times but he completely disregards my feelings and tells me to move on, he only cares about his self, tells me to leave him alone, he doesn’t want to see me or talk to me. Has blocked me on everything, won’t give me any closure. I went up to his job yesterday because I demanded a reason, he didn’t want me to touch him, he told me he didn’t want to see me, I was annoying , I get on his ******* nerves , and just said very mean things to me. Five days prior to him breaking up with we had just gotten a hotel together where he confessed his love to me as always but now says things like he doesn’t want me anymore, he’s being so hostile towards me. He’s going through his own problems , getting kicked out and not having a car , we live 30 mins away from each other but I only want to be there for him.

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    This isn't about you, it's about him. He doesn't have to have a reason to break up with you. It's not working for him. So let him go.

    Go and get help for your depression. Look up "WRAP for mental illness." See a therapist.

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    I'm surprised that he hasn't threatened you with a restraining order yet.


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    Honey he's told you many times as to why he ended it, you just don't want to accept that for an answer.

    He broke up with you for a reason, doesn't mean you guys didn't once have love for eachother but people go into different directions, people break up. If you really care for him then you have to respect his wishes.

    Don't chase a guy who left you. Leave him alone and make him miss you and if he still loves you he'll eventually want you back BUT don't sit around waiting for him either bc you'll be wasting your own time, but also be prepared if he doesn't come back and if he doesn't it then you'll have your answer and its time to move on.

    Leave him alone and get on with your life.

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    He told you he wants to be alone and have no one in his life

    Isnt that the reason he broke up with you? Isnt that the closure?

    Going to his job, when he had already said he didnt want to see or speak to you was a mistake

    he has blocked communication

    I think you need to hear what he has already told you


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