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Why do I have a headache whenever it is cloudy?

I really enjoy cloudy days (especially when it rains or snows) but whenever it is cloudy I get a headache and my hearing and eyesight are getting bad.. why is it like this? I love and like cloudy days, but because of these stupid things i cant enjoy the weather to the fullest.. it is really rare where i live.. what should i do? :S why do i feel like this? Why is it like this? :S

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    Some people are REALLY weather sensitive to low pressure weather systems.. i sometimes know 2 days in advance when it going to rain because my arthritis gets worse. I've been a type 1 diabetic since i was 2 years old, and the first side effect was arthritis.. I had friend who was sper weather sensitive, migraine headaches..

    Talk to your doctor. And See an ophthalmologist , NOT an optician. An ophthalmologist is a MEDICAL Doctor.. and

    M.D.. i need cataract surgery.

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    Clouds and rain happen when the air pressure is low. A low barometer reading can also cause headaches. Other weather factors, such as humidity and temperature, can make the headache worse. Read the article linked below for tips on predicting low pressure days and how to handle the headaches.

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    It is probably when a low pressure system is moving across your area. Perhaps you have sinus problems? However it is far more likely to be migraines which you are suffering from as a result of the weather changes acting as a trigger. See the info in the link:

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    Possibly the effects of barometric pressure changes can account for your headaches.

    Though doctors and scientists have been skeptical for years about the way weather changes might affect our health, there's just too much anecdotal evidence to ignore. The problem is that different people are affected differently, so answers have been hard to pin down.

    However, hearing and eyesight shouldn't be affected, so if I were you, I've have a couple of full check-ups with a doctor and ophthalmologist -- and an audiologist, too.

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