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Why am I such a goddamned failure?

Okay, in 6-7th grade I was a complete little **** who had no friends, unless I did some retarded ****. And because of my behavior/ crap grades I managed to get into a terrible high school. Pathetic isn't it? well freshman year I tried to shape and be mature, so I got 90+ averages for all my classes. Hoping I would be able to transfer. But yesterday I took the algebra 1 regents, and I know I got within the 70's range. It pisses me off to such an extent that all the hard work has not even paid off.I studied like crazy for that but it was was so damn difficult, and also apparently, you need to score within the 80's to not take remedial classes in college, so i don't know what to do. Was I just born to fail like tf? If my mom sees that grade she'll just go back to comparing with my cousins, and it's really annoying, I wanted her to be proud of me after ******* up in middle school, but luck clearly was not on my side.

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    First of all, congratulations on buckling down and getting good grades in freshman year. That proves you can work hard when you need to. Not everyone is meant to be a scholar. Have you ever considered a trade school? If you enjoy working with your hands, there is a big demand for qualified workers. If you apply yourself to the job, you could even own your own business one day. That's probably more than will happen to your classmates. Check out schools in your area that offer diplomas in various trades.

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