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Can a marriage be successful if one of us is not romantically attracted?

nothing wrong w\ guy, has money, his family rich, my friends get envious of the effort, time & expensive gifts he gave, but why don't I get romantically attached?

On the 1st months of dating I was exited & happy, but after maybe the 4th month I'm just thinking "I have a business to run, I don't have time for going to theme parks & be happy, I have filing &stuff to do" but I made time anyway telling him stuff like "let's stop over the City Hall before going to the park"

every time we go out, I grab my to do list& we got productive then go on our date afterwards. He is considerate and he respects my marriage before doing anything in bed decision

I should feel lucky or something,am I weird? I think I'm career oriented, but maybe I want to get married sometime in my life too..but it's been 4 years that we dated and we never cheat on each other and we didn't really fought in our relationship, we both just apologize, forgive, forget.

I never really thought about this until a little bird told me that he's going to pop the big question soon. Why would I stick with him if I don't have romantic feelings? I don't know--I thought I'll just develop that romatic screeching feeling my friends get sometime while dating. did I mention it's been 4 years?

I don't even remember back in highschool or college that i had this "exited love feeling" I think I did, but it died too soon, it must be infatuation. During college I had that, but scanning my diary, I


found out that I'm just vain thinking that I'm so pretty because I get that feeling for myself when guys were flocking over me but I didn't choose a boyfriend because I didn't want to lose the flock of guys. (I was so messed up)

I reply to his "i love you" coz he says it makes him feel better and that I feel it is a responsibility as a girlfriend.

Update 2:

Since he listens to me and treats me like a queen and we're both responsible, our marriage should prosper?

Or is the right thing to do reject the proposal all because "I don't have romantic feelings yet".

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  • ?
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    3 years ago

    If you do not feel you want to spend time with him, marriage would be a disaster.

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Romance does not last forever but feelings of friendship do.

  • God
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    3 years ago

    Nothing that a 12 inch vibrating dildo won't solve.

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