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Which wrestler do you connect with more?

Who was faster?

Who was more agile?

Who was better at taking moves, and selling?

Who was the better "aerial" wrestler?

Who was stronger?

Who was more conditioned/has more stamina?

Who was more versatile at wrestling different opponents?

Who had the better theme? ;)

Who had the better arsenal?

Who was a better leader in the ring?

Who could make wrestling look more "real"?

You can pick Rey Mysterio as of now, or when he was in his prime. I don't care.

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    Which wrestler do you connect with more? Rey Mysterio, easily. He was always presented as that in-ring dynamo who was still somehow the underdog.

    Who was faster? In his prime, probably Rey.

    Who was more agile? Ricochet.

    Who was better at taking moves, and selling? Rey. Rey was a rag doll. I think Ricochet sells plenty, especially for a guy of his style, but Rey gained sympathy from his selling.

    Who was the better "aerial" wrestler? Ricochet. I'm not scoffing at the West Coast Pop, because a dragonrana of any form is impressive to me to this day, but Ricochet, in my opinion anyway, is the best aerial wrestler in the history of wrestling. Rey was the innovator, and without him there'd be no Ricochet or countless other independents and luchadors who modeled themselves after Rey, but Ricochet perfected the style and innovated so many crazy moves.

    Who was stronger? Ricochet.

    Who was more conditioned/has more stamina? Ricochet. Even against classic Rey, I think Ricochet's gone the distance more times than little Rey-Rey.

    Who was more versatile at wrestling different opponents? I'd argue Ricochet again. Rey was always an underdog lucha in matches no matter who he was against. Ricochet's had to adapt to being the heavy, the striker, the showman, and the underdog in various different matches. He can be Keith Lee's bump dummy, Will Ospreay's equal looking to prove he's the better, or the indie veteran or blood thirsty later season Prince Puma who could be ruthless in the ring. Rey had one setting, and that setting was good, but Ricochet can be the most fun loving performer, or the most heel prick showoff.

    Who had the better theme? If we're talking solely WWE or even WCW, then Rey by a mile. I'd even argue that Ricochet's current theme takes some inspiration from Rey's original stock music in WCW. If we're talking career, then Ricochet's came out to "Mouth of War" by Pantera, "Wave of Mutilation" by Pixies. Those are some top notch themes,and there are more that I'm simply not familiar with.

    Who had the better arsenal? Ricochet. Rey was mostly head scissors, tilt-a-whirl DDT's, Code Red's and wheelbarrow bulldogs. That's all well and good, but Ricochet did that and then some.

    Who was a better leader in the ring? I'm not a wrestler so I wouldn't know. I've always heard the heel traditionally calls the match, so maybe Ricochet? I'm not even sure if that rule applies anymore though.

    Who could make wrestling look more "real"? This one's tough because Ricochet could hit a guy when he wanted to hit someone, but there are spots like the standing Benadryller that throw me off in ways that a 630 does others. Rey looked like he wrestled the way he did out of necessity. This was the only way a guy like Rey was going to beat a bigger superstar. It's all about leverage, misdirection, and frustration. Then there's Rey's selling and facial expressions that send him over the top as the sympathetic hero that everyone can root for. I'll say Rey.

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    First off, let me say that I'm honored, and blessed that you are still in this section. You are one of my favorites here. I'm not daying this for best answer; I could care less about that. You are one of the reasons I'm still here. This section is terrible right now. Too many trolls, immature users, but there are also a lot of great, fun users here, who I would probably never get to meet, but would love to :) Prime Rey Mysterio, or now? I pick both.

    Which wrestler do you connect with more? Rey Mysterio. It may seem like I don't like Rey Mysterio, because I believe a lot of other luchadors are as good as Rey, but don't get the same respect, because Rey was one of the first great luchadors, along with Eddie Guerrero. That couldn't be farther from the truth, I'm a fan of Rey Mysterio. He isn't the strongest, or biggest...I know what it's like been short, I myself am only 5'6'' at best. Rey isn't bigger than that, but he more than makes up for it with his skill in the ring. He seems to be very respectful, and believes in god. Rey is confident, and knows what he is capable of, but so humble at the same time. He doesn't seem to curse a lot, or a jerk to the fans, which makes me admire him that much more.

    Who was faster? Rey Mysterio. Rey has really fast legs, and really light on his feet. I haven't seen anybody that runs the ropes faster(Maybe Masato Yoshino, in his prime would have something to say about that), or have I seen anyone more nimble. He can maneuver around his opponents so easily, and you have to be very fast, and agile to execute the moves that he does with great timing, and react as quickly as he does.

    Who was more agile? Ricochet. Ricochet seems to have more control over his body, than Rey did, and execute his moves easier. As crazy agile, and innovative as Rey was during his time, Richochet can do everything Rey Mysterio could do, and a little more. One of the reasons Richochet can counter every single move, is because of his agility, and quick limbs. He is just so acrobatic, and graceful.

    Who was better at taking moves, and selling? Probably Ricochet. Rey is a really good seller, too. Rey would bump all over the ring, because he is smaller, lighter than his opponents. Ricochet is surprisingly great at selling. It's not part of Ricochets style, but he know how to take any move, and make it look great. You can also tell he is in pain, or he at least sells like he has been in a car wreck.

    Who was the better "aerial" wrestler? Ricochet. Ricochet. Ricochets moves are even harder to pull off, and his moves are even more advanced. He can do just about any kind of springboard, dive, and make all of them look clean. Richochet has great execution like Rey, and he rarely misses his opponents.

    Who was stronger? Ricochet.Ricochet doesn't seem that explosive to me. He is mostly more graceful, and precision based than having a lot of force, and power. But don't let his refined style fool you, his strength is misleading; he is strong, and capable of lifting guys, and controlling them like Cage, without any problem. He can overpower small cruiserweights, and do power moves on them.

    Who was more conditioned/has more stamina? It's close. Both can wrestle long matches, and they both can wrestle fast, high intensity matches, and not get blown up. Even if they get tired, they can still go. Both have great amazing core strength, too, and easily support their bodyweights. Both could run/sprint around their opponents, and not get tired.

    Who was more versatile at wrestling different opponents? Both. Unlike a lot of luchadors, both can wrestle any style opponents, and have good/great matches with them. Rey in WCW was mostly about spots, but now he can wrestle anybody, and with more experience? Seems more polished than in WCW, and more psychology.

    Who had the better theme? ;) I don't really watch NXT, I just ask questions about it, because you like to watch it, I think.

    Who had the better arsenal? What do you mean? Both had great moves for their time. Wrestling is faster, more hard-hitting, more innovative, more impactful, more advanced now.

    Who was a better leader in the ring? Both. Neither is egotistical, and neither seem to have a bad attitude. They both are consummates, and both are great workers, and willing to do anything to make the match look good. Rey Mysterio is more experienced, so I would say he probably is the "better ring leader".

    Who could make wrestling look more "real"? I don't know.

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