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Rapidlash made at 15? Made my lashline red?

Hello, so my sister and I ordered Rapidlash lash online recently. I am 15 and my sister is 25 so we applied it , the next day imy lashline turned red as if i had an eyeliner on it also happened with my sister but the day after it happened to me , so my question is can teenagers use Rapidlash? and have u tried it so far the same thing happened to you? Btw I stopped using it since then

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    3 years ago
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    This site and others have quite a few complaints about the product. Stop using it. As you have learned, any product you apply to skin has the potential to be irritating. That goes for 'all natural' products as well. Poison ivy is natural. That does not make it good for skin. This is the very reason that all haircolor kits and products recommend patch testing on skin, before applying. If you still have the receipt and packing slip, I would check the website and see if they have a refund policy. Good luck.

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