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I watched a movie and I really want to feel what the girl felt in it, is it normal?

It was such a heart breaking movie, there's this guy fleeing, he is wounded while defending a poor man with kids entering a rescue craft, and when the girl who secretly loves him finds him bleeding tells the doctor to take her blood and give it to him... they do it and the guy is safe. While he is sleeping on the bed the girl holds his hand but not that strong because she is afraid to hurt him, when he wakes up she has tears in her eyes, and he smiles and says: come here. She puts her head next to him and he rubs her hair. After being bullied, the girl attempts suicide, he finds her with her wrists cut, unconscious... He takes care of her and while she is in bed, feverish and hopeless, crying and says: I wanna die, pelase let me do that, I will be better when everything it's over. He cries too (the first time, he never showed emotions) and hugs her while she is on the bed, putting his head on her chest, saying: you would never do that, because I love you, and you cannot make me die inside, if you suffer I'll suffer too. I wont let you do that. If you want to hurt yourself I will never allow you to... He cried while being on her chest, trying to calm her down..damn that was so sweet. I want so bad to have a relationship with sm1 like the two. They really looked mad for each other. I want it so bad!

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    It's perfectly natural to yearn for a bond like that, reassurance that there's someone out there who can protect you from your own harm can lead to you feeling more secure of yourself. That's a beautiful thing right there!

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