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How should one start watching Berserk anime?

So I've been interested in Berserk for a long while but couldn't really get myself to watch it after finding out about how dark it is. Now I do feel like trying it out but don't know how to go with it since there are multiple versions (old one, movies, and new one and maybe more that i don't know)

So my question is; what order should i watch berserk in as an anime-only watcher?

Just to note: I never read any mangas and won't (reading manga just bores me i prefer watching only)

Thank you in advance.

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    you're not going to get the full experience from the anime series, berserk is notoriously hard to adapt well. i'd say watch the 90s golden age anime, it's 25 episodes. the movies, which i think are on netflix, aren't too bad and they also cover the golden age arc. the cgi can be a little ehh, but it's not too bad and the dub is nice.

    but whatever you do, don't watch the 2016 berserk anime. it's not very good at all and the cgi is very bad. if i recall correctly, the director had only worked on one other series, which was a comedy with purposeful limited animation. he really wasn't skilled enough for the job.

    all that being said, the various anime only cover so much of the story. you will only be able to get the full story through the manga, which is beautiful and lovingly detailed. if you ever change your mind about reading manga, you can read it here it starts with a0 and goes on a while from there before actually getting to chapter 1.

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    Watch the original series. The movies are a re-telling of the series and the new series is a sequel, but it has some of the worst CG ever put to screen, so you'd actually be better off reading the manga.

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