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Is there usually a surcharge for sending emails to yourself via your cellphone/smartphone?

Hi. I am an artist and writer. My all-in-1 inkjet printer isn't working- I can't do anything on it until I get new ink for it. I can't scan any artwork with it and upload the scanned artwork to my PC and online.

I had an old cellphone/smartphone with which I could snap pics and then email the pics as email attachments to myself. I was able to snap pics of my artwork with the camera function on that phone and email the pics as attachments to myself- I would then go to my email and retrieve the attachment pics, then screenshot them and save the copies of the pics to my PC, and color and paint them in MS Paint and then upload them to my Photobucket.

I have a new cellphone/smartphone- a Boost Mobile ZTE Tempo X 4G LTE.

It has a camera function built into it. I would like to snap pics with it, and email those pics as email attachments to myself. I am assuming I can do that on this phone, but I am wondering if there's a surcharge for doing that.

I don't know that much about this new phone. I am still learning about its functionality. I am not sure what mobile carrier this phone uses.

I would like to contact the carrier and ask if there's a surcharge for sending emails to yourself, but I am hoping someone here who knows more about cellphones/smartphones than I do can please tell me.

Please help- thank you.

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    As long as you are for sure connected to a Wi-Fi internet connection, then you should be good, there should be no charge. Just make sure you don't use your mobile data for internet by mistake.

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    Even if your all-in-one is out of ink you can still use it to scan to your PC. *You don't want to leave it with no ink for more than a VERY short period of the remaining ink dries and kills the print head!

    Your mobile provider charges you for voice calls and for mobile data used, there is no surcharge beyond this for particular uses. If your phone is connected to your local WiFi then sending an email to yourself will not even use any data.

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    It depends if your phone plan includes sending data or not. This is something you should be able to find out by logging into your account at the cell-phone company, where you are paying your bills.

    If your phone plan doesn't include sending data, then indeed you will get a surcharge for sending any data, including email attachments. But if sending data is included in your plan, then you might still get a surcharge, depending on how much data you send. Because phone plans usually have a limit for the amount of data you can send. And if you exceed this limit, then you get a surcharge.

    I suggest that you find out what your phone plan is, before you send any data. Because phone companies are known for gouging consumers with very unreasonable charges. It's like they can sometimes send you a bill for thousands of dollars, when you expect to pay only a few dollars. And you can be legally liable for it too.

    But you can get around the phone plan risk by sending your data through a Wi-Fi connection, rather than through your phone carrier. You just need to turn off sending data in your phone's settings and set up a Wi-Fi connection, just like you do for a regular laptop or desktop computer. Then you won't use your phone carrier for sending data. You'll just use a regular Internet connection.

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