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Am I Hispanic, Latino, Mexican, or what?

I always see people who want to be smart asses point out that Hispanic isn't a race and Mexican is only a nationality. So as someone with brown skin who's family came from Mexico what race am I? I'm not Mexican because I was born in the states and I'm not Hispanic because that's not a race and I don't know what exactly qualifies someone as a Latino so.. Help?


Desolate has solved my identity crisis

Update 2:

Is Anglo not considered a racial background? I honestly don't know.

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    Technically both Hispanic and Latino refer to people whose ancestry is a mixture of European (usually Spanish) and Native American (native to Mexico, Central and South America). Both are regarded as ethnicities since it is a blending of races.

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    You are whatever you think you are.

    There are no hard-fast rules in defining races, they can be defined by religion, national-origin, culture, common physical characteristics etc. There is no reliable or consistent biological categories. Arabs, Persians, Mexicans, Jews, Muslims, Italians, Irish Catholics, blacks can all, and have all been called another race. Discrimination against any group based on this fluid definition can be called racism. 


    Race is a concept used in the categorization of humans into groups, called races or racial groups, based on combinations of shared physical traits, ancestry, genetics, and social or cultural traits. Although such groupings lack a firm basis in modern biology, they continue to have a strong influence over contemporary social relations.

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    You're STILL Mexican, Mexican American. "American" isn't a ethnic background. And you're Latino/Hispanic.





    noun: Latino; plural noun: Latinos


    (in North America) a person of Latin American origin or descent, especially a man or boy.


    adjective: Latino


    relating to Latinos.


    Latin American Spanish, probably a special use of Spanish latino (see Latin).

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    I always see people who want to be smart assess point out that European isn't a race and American is only a nationality. So as someone with white skin who's family originally came from Europe what race am I? I'm not European because I was born in the states and I am not Anglo because that's not a race and I don't know what exactly qualifies someone as Caucasian so.. Help?

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    There are many countries in Central and South America that does not speak Spanish. They are Latino. Those that speak Spanish are Hispanic. So you are an American of Hispanic descent.

  • I understand how democratic divisional policy would confuse you. Try identifying as an American first.

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    if you took a DNA test it would show some percent native american and some percent Spanish. I am 30% Mexican and my dna said 20% native american and 10% Spanish. the term native american applies to all native people from north america, not just the USA as many people picture it.

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    You're probably Latino

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