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It is Time to Acknowledge that Obama is a Muslim Communist, isn't that right?

First;The Clinton's both brought up in 2008 the question of his being in-eligible (illegal) under Article 2 of the Constitution.

Next; his paternal grandmother said in a taped interview that she was an eye witness and was at his birth in Mombasa Kenya. The birth certificate; under close review by forensic document experts proved it is a forgery.

The Hawaii hospital; said they have no record of him having been born there in 1961. Indonesia time; you cannot have dual citizenship in Indonesia and he is enrolled in school as an Indonesian as well as a Muslim by his Muslim stepfather and engages in Islamic studies.

Ergo, he is raised as a Muslim and had no U.S. citizenship.

He is an illegal, undocumented muslim alien who is using a dead man's SSN from Connecticutt.

Let's take a look at his Muslim background and upbringing.

- His father was a Muslim.

- His father's family in Africa are Muslims.

- HIs step-father was a Muslim.

- He went to a Muslim school in Indonesia.

- He backs the Muslim Brotherhood.

- His pal and longtime friend is Louis Farrakhan.

- New photos of him with group from Nation of Islam.

- Barry said the most beautiful words, were the Islamic call to prayer.

- Obama was born into Islam and attended the Islamic Madrasa, by choice.

- The Islamic faith proclaims, if you leave that faith and convert to Christianity, the punishment is death.

Obama is still alive.

Those are facts; What are yours?

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