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Army Intelligence Posts?

I leave soon to Ft Sill for BCT and then Huchuca for AIT. I was wondering where people are being popularly posted lately? TIA.

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    Depends on your specific MOS. If you're a fox, you could go literally anywhere. I've known foxes that got assigned to an Army ship.

    If you're a golf, mike, or tango, your choices are much more limited, but still pretty much anywhere with an operational brigade or larger size element. These are the REMF jobs, so you'll only get assigned somewhere with a fairly good sized support element.

    Source(s): 23+ years military, Army Intel, former Intel AIT PSG
  • 3 years ago

    at any brigade in the army

    there is no, most likely post

    the priority for assignments out of AIT, is to any brigade notified of deployment that is short on personal, then units coming off of deployment that have people rotating out of the unit., but there are so few brigades deployed right now,that really doesn't apply anymore.

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