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My girlfriend doesn't trust me and is slightly controlling. Im not sure if I should break up with her.?

I'm not very happy in our relationship. I've tried to work it out but she still doesn't trust me around my friend I've known for years. She can be controlling and I try to comfort her but it still ends in an argument and us not talking. I prefer to have female friends because they understand and are easier to talk to but she puts them down and insults them. I feel like she relies on me too much.

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    that sounds very alarming. how long have you guys been dating? if you guys have been dating for over 8 months and she still doesn't trust you then you should consider how this relationship will turn out if you resumed it. if you guys have been dating for less than 8 months then you should ask her how and what you should do to make her be ab;e to trust you. A very big part of a relationship is trust and if she doesn't trust you then why are you in the relationship in the first place?

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    “I’m not very happy in my relationship.” A relationship should enrich your life and make you happy, not bring you down. For that alone, you should break up with her.

    “She doesn’t trust me...” Have you given her any reasons not to trust you? If not, then she has trust issues which makes it hard to have a relationship. Another reason to break up.

    You had an argument. Do you have frequent arguments? Frequent arguments are a sign of a toxic relationship, which also means breakup.

    The fact that she puts down your friends suggests that she may have self-esteem issues. People who have self-esteem issues act this way.

    She relies on you too much. Her insecurity, self-esteem issues, and jealousy are making her a clinging vine. Unfortunately, I don’t see a future for this relationship, and I wonder why you would continue a relationship with her.

    Know the signs when it’s time to break up.


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    Your girlfriend is highly insecure And why stay in a relationship wen you're "not very happy". It makes absolutely no rational sense at all

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