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How do you say this in French-it’s for a tattoo..?

Hi! My mom and I are getting tattoos together and I can speak a little moms nickname for me is ‘monkey’ and so we want to have my first tattoo be something meaningful together. I’m going to be writing ‘I love you mom’ in French so she’ll get it tattoo-ed onto her, and so I’m wondering how to say “I love you too, monkey” in French. I know the basic words to it, like Je t’aime and singe, but I don’t know how it actually is written out and I don’t trust Google translate.

Can someone help translate that?

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    From me as a native French person, I would say:

    I love you Monkey → '' Je t'aime Monkey ''.

    I love you mom → ''Je t'aime maman ''.

    Better to keep the nickname Monkey in English, because it's a nickname ( need to be capitalized) and too, in French call someone: singe / monkey, is not very flattering ..

    Unless you say it like that: '' Je t'aime mon petit singe ''. Add ' mon ' ( my ) and ' petit ' ( little), makes the word ' singe ' less pejorative ( at least in French).

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    Je t'aime aussi, le singe

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    Just that way, "Je t'aime, singe".

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