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Should I explain myself to her?

I saw my crush today at the bakery. I went there to get more bread for down sandwiches I was making. She always says hi and likes asking me questions about biology which is what I majored in. I answer them and always tell her to give me a hard one, which I tease her about. I gave her a slice of pizza that I made today. I did it because I felt bad for accidentally embarrassing her in front of her coworker. I didn’t tell her that. I tried to, but I kept stuttering and she just smiled and took it. On my way out, i couldn’t open the door and when I used force, I hit my lip and I started bleeding. She smiled and asked if I was okay to which I said I was. I’d like to tell her why I brought her pizza and that I’m also clumsy (it’s partly because of her). If I do, do you think she’ll find me weird? I have her number, but I want to tell her in person.

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    You hit yourself in the face with the door on the way out? I don't think you need to tell her you're clumsy. She knows.

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