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Was it rude he said “because you’re quiet?”?

This guy asked about my ex. I said “he dumped me because he lost interest” he said “why? Because you’re quiet?”

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    It was rude, not that he said you're quiet, just that he came up with something to say back.

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    It is a bit. That's why before ppl start a relationship they should hang out for a while, nothing serious, so you can get a feel of the other must be mutual understanding. Nothing wrong with being quiet, but communication is important, for a healthy relation couples should talk about what they dislike and not hold it it of fear of disappointing the other person, otherwise resentment will become overwhelming and you will start to dislike everything about the other person. That's what i believe, but hey, what do i know, im still a virgin

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    No, I don't think that's rude. He did jump the gun and didn't allow you a chance to answer but I wouldn't consider it rude.

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