Dreams Meanings?

I had like 3 dreams where I found phones

The 4th dream is my teacher giving me her phone.

(I lost 2 phones and broke 1 phone and my mom got me another one)

I had another dream where I was lying to my dad and he said "are you sure". And I was like "You can check i'm not lying" He was going to open the box? and i interrupted and said I was lying. And we hugged.

I had 3 dreams where I was raped. twice by people i didn't know ( i was calling for help and no one came) and the other by my dad.

There was one dream where me and my brother went to someones house and i thought they were really weird and so i told my brother we should leave they look like rapist. He didn't believe me. I open the door and the people are there. I get scared and grab my brother and we run down the street.

I had another dream where I saw this dog and it was attacking me and biting my arm. I poured soda on it and it looked like it was dying. My brother yelled at me saying "dogs are allergic to soda" and I said "How was i suppose to know." the dog came back to life or something and tried to attack me. He got on top of me trying to bite my face as I held it up. I tried asking for help but no one was coming.

I was in the kitchen making breakfast for my parents with my brother. I had an argument with him. I heard my grandmother screaming and woke up and found out it was outside from a car sliding in the rain.

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2 Answers

  • 3 years ago

    I believe your phones in your dreams represent communication. If that communication is not wholesome, honest and godly, then it will eventually lead to fear and unrighteousness. The Bible says, "That which I fear has come upon me." The only way to fight against such things if you have made Jesus Christ your Savior and Lord is to meditate on Bible promises(a Bible app on your phone) and make Christian friends and talk to them. Here is one Bible verse you can pray and say: "God hasn't given me a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind."

  • 3 years ago

    Dreams are just chemicals that refresh & clean out our brains. They are basically meaningless.

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