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Do you think Final Fantasy VII Remake will still release for PS4 or be moved to PS5/next-gen?

FFVII Remake was announced as a "PS4 exclusive" at E3 2015 and since then there's been barely any news and supposedly development was moved in-house last year, do you think that Square Enix has quietly rescheduled it for PS5 (or future console generations) or think it will still release on PS4 as originally planned?

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    Sony still says it's a PS4 game despite being released in 2020 which is potentially when the PS5 comes out.

    Considering Square Enix's track record (how long has KH3 been in development?) I'd say there's a good chance FFVII will end up being released simultaneously on the PS4 and PS5 - as the last PS3 games were also released on the PS4. However if the game slips again, it'll probably just release on the PS5 - skipping the PS4 entirely.

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