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Baking experts... will it be ok to keep phyllo pastry open overnight?

I want to attempt baklava.

I know phyllo pastry can be problematic if it dries out... so is it ok to assemble the whole thing the night before, cover it in clingwrap and keep it in the fridge till the next day where I will then bake it and add the syrup?

Also when is the best time to add the syrup to the pastry? Do you have to waot for it to cool down?

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    Yes, this should be fine.

  • 3 years ago

    It will probably dry out a bit.

    Once baked and you add the syrup it will moisten it again.

    If you are not following a recipe check out Food Network Alton Brown did a very nice looking Baklava on his show Good Eats. Get some good inspiration and direction from that.

  • 3 years ago

    Are you following a recipe or just making $h*t up as you go along?


  • Tavy
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    Filo pastry. Wrap in cling film add syrup cold or it it will melt the pastry.

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