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Now that internet megacorporations are free to squeeze off your data flow when they see you using an internet cable service like SlingTV...?

...and force you to instead purchase their own cable TV service at quintuple the cost, what large portions of your lifestyle are you planning to give up in order to afford it?


Inty20 whistles happily as he walks off a cliff

Update 2:

mandy that really really really doesn't answer the question which was about getting hit in the pocketbook, and your 32TB is a moot point because the internet's not going away - that's not really what's at stake here.

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    3 years ago

    Except they aren't free to do this. Before "net neutrality", such issues were resolved through the Federal Trade Commission. And FTC typically ruled in favor of more neutral handling of data where anti-competitive use of network control was employed.


    Update: You're an idiot. Lolz

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