Problems with my PS2?

It's been 10 years since i have a PS2 and since the last month i'm starting to have a lot of problems with it. Sometimes CDs aren't working properly, while sometimes they are. For example, i was playing DMC2 last week, and i've had to restart it two times, as the game's music was shutting off and as the game was was repetitively freezing. I started to think that the game was broken so i've decided to plug in a game that didn't have any scratches or other problems whatsoever, and i've had the exact same problem. Another thing that i've noticed is that whenever a game freezes, the internal memory side of the PS2(the left side) is hot. Can somebody tell me what's going on with my PS2?

2 Answers

  • 3 years ago

    The PS2's DVD drive was pretty fragile to being with. If it's been sitting in storage for 10 years, that's plenty of time for dust to build up and begin to affect the DVD drive's mechanisms.

    You can try opening the PS2 and cleaning the mechanisms but you have to be careful as the PS2 was not designed to be opened by consumers, and there are several things you can break if you aren't very careful. View a website on opening the PS2 before you try it on your own.

  • 3 years ago

    Either the CD reader is broken, or your PS2 is overheating. By how you're describing your problem, it seems like the internal side of the memory is highly damaged. Therefore, your PS2 can't stay on for too much time. I'd suggest you either change some cable, or you change your memory part. Move your ***, though. For all you know, That thing could burn really soon. This could get really hairy.

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