Am i Pregnant?

I had lost my virginity 4 days ago and i’m really scared i’m pregnant. He used a condom and he didn’t even *** because it hurt so bad so we stopped, but before hand he was rubbing his penis on my vag and he didn’t have a condom on. I had spotting 3 days after doing it and slight cramps. Am i pregnant?

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  • 3 years ago

    The spotting may have resulted from bleeding from your broken hymen or from slight tears in your vagina. Rubbing near your vagina could have deposited a small amount of "pre-***", with a possibility of it traveling inside you.

    The chances of pregnancy depend a lot on where you were in your monthly cycle. The middle of your month is the most likely time for pregnancy. If you feel you need to know right away, get a drugstore pregnancy test and run it, following the instructions exactly. It's proably too early to tell, however. If your period doesn't arrive when expected, run another test.

  • 3 years ago

    No, you are not currently pregnant and it is unlikely that you will be. Relax. The spotting is probably due to the intercourse. You probably didn't completely break your hymen but did cause some ripping leading to spotting. The combination of no ejaculations and no penetration without a condom makes the likelihood of sperm getting into your uterus very, very, very low.

    Before you attempt sex again, please consider charting your ovulation cycle. Use the date of the first day of your last period and the normal length of your cycle.

    Women are only fertile for about 5 days each month. Sperm can survive inside a woman for five days. That means that that you want to avoid unprotected sex at all times, but certainly during a 10-day window where sperm could come in contact with an egg. Until you understand this process, you are not ready to be have sex.

    Because it takes several days for sperm to meet egg and then egg to implant, no woman is pregnant four days after sex.

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