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What is the Islamic view on Zoroastrianism?

Please provide passages out of Hadith or the Qur an if possible.

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    The Qur'an does not mention Zoroastrianism which was originated in Iran by Zarathushtra, long before the religion of Islam was started by Muhammed. A written account of Zoroastrianism, the Avesta, was not written down until the 5th century AD. As the Qur’an was only written from the mid 6th century AD onwards that might have made it possible for it and the Avesta to be compared and, perhaps, one influenced the other? Certainly Zoroastrianism has much more similarity to Islam than it does to Judaism. Islam later extended the status of the ‘people of the book’ to Zoroastrians.

    Now, Islam insists upon monotheism - there is only one God - yet Zarathushtra taught that there are two gods, both of whom were uncreated. Ahura Mazda was wholly good, wise and beneficent. Opposed to him was Angra Mainyu, the Hostile or Evil Spirit, wholly evil, ignorant and maleficent. It is claimed that the good God had created this seven-fold world as a place in which he could encounter the evil being and overcome him. To help him in this task he emanated six Amesha Spentas (Holy Immortals) who are at once aspects of God and independent divinities, one with him, and yet distinct. The Amesha Spentas emanated other, lesser divinities (corresponding generally to beneficent gods of the old religion). They say that Angra Mainyu in turn produced a counter-evocation of evil beings, including the Daevas, ancient amoral gods, among them Indra. It's hard to see how Islam could tolerate such a teaching.

    However, in other respects Zoroastrianism has much more similarity to Islam than it does to Judaism.

    In an encyclopedia of world religions , a Zoroastrian scholar sates: "An extensive apocalyptic literature evidently once existed in Avestan. The longest work of this kind still extant is the 'Zand I Vahman Yasht'. Old materials are also rehandled in the 'Arda Viraz Namag' which tells how the righteous Viraz was persuaded for the common good to enter a drug-induced trance in order to visit the other world and confirm the teachings about Heaven and Hell. The tale of his spirit-journey has been shown to be the ultimate source of Dante's 'Divine Comedy'." Dante also borrowed from Islamic ideas about Muhammed's 'Night Journey' with a tour of hell. Perhaps there is a lot of similarity of belief there between Islam and Zoroastrianism.

    As Islam did not afford Zoroastrianists the status of "people of the book" until later on, perhaps such clashes of views prevented them doing so for a while, and that is why you won't read about Zarathushtra and his religion in the Qur'an.

  • Have a look at how well the Shiah and the Sunnis get on for a clue.

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    Muslims do not regard Zoroastrians as "People of the Book". So a Muslim men may not marry a Zoroastrian woman, though he is allowed to marry a Christian or a Jewish woman.

    However they are allowed to pay the jizya tax. This means they are allowed to live under a Muslim government as second-class citizens and still practice their religion privately (like Christians and Jews).

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